Configurable visualization

I'm create a simple visualization that shows using a treemap, top 20 request times from an API. But I want that 20 to be configurable outside the settings page, similar to the way I can customize the time range. Is this possible? Thanks!

I'm not sure if Kibana provides the "treemap" functionality that you are thinking of, but hopefully this will help:

If you know ahead of time the 20 buckets that you want to show, you can use Lens and the "Filters" aggregation to create 20 filters that divide the data into the different ranges.

Here's an example of using the Filters aggregation to show a chart that focuses on 2 different ranges of machine.ram in the web logs sample data:

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FWIW Kibana does have a treemap option!

Thank you! Screenshots always help :slight_smile:


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