Configuration 4 nodes witch defining the roles

Good morning, I have a cluster elaticsearch, 2.4.2, with the 4 nodes having the same hardware.
is configured as follows:
1 node Data = false and master = true
1 node Data = true and master = true
2 nodes Data = true and master = false

for example at this moment the master elected by the cluster is one of the machines that is configured as Data = true and master = true

so the machine that should be master master = true and data = false ends up having no use.

Could you help me, or suggest any configuration changes?


You should have at least 3 master nodes.

But in your case, I'd probably just use the defaults values (master: true, data: true) and I would not use the node "1 node Data = false and master = true". This one looks useless to me.

with 4 more nodes set up and avoiding "split brain" problem mention the no. of master node as
discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes in configuration file of elastic search.
Also for 4 node set up it is better to use no of master node is 3.
you can calculate the best no. of master node in your set up via following formula : N/2+1
for you configuration it is good to mention "discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes:3"

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