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I have configured big cluster in my production env. just wanted to confirm do we need to allocate half of memory in master node also. Suppose i have 16G node and do i need to allocate 8G in jvm options file what if i allocate let say 6G does this will effect my reindexing process which is happening in master nodes.
Actually i have configured it with 6G in prod env. but my reindexing is taking so much time to complete i have data in GB's.

Also i want to clarify one do i need to set half of memory as recommended by elasticsearch, in kibana server also. Could you please help me out suitable configuration for kibana servers if i have 16G node.

You can be a bit more nuanced with master only nodes, as they don't hold data. This means you can use more than 50%, eg 75% or so depending on how much you have on the host.

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Thanks for your support. is there possibility that if we not define only 50% of memory to master node as it does not contain data then our reindexing process will become slow??

I can't think why that would happen, no.

Thanks warkolm for your revert. I am doing re-indexing and primary and replica size is 300 GB each but re-indexing is in progress from last 15 days. Is it expected to take this much time for re-indexing of 300 GB data? If no, what should I check for this slowness.

It might be better to create a new topic on that, as it's a little outside of your original question :slight_smile:

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