Configuration of elastic cluster on AWS elastic search services

(Deepak Kumhar) #1

I have deployed my elastic cluster having following resources
Instance type = t2.medium.elasticsearch
Instance count = 1 (default)

Storage configuration
Storage type = EBS
EBS volume type * = General Purpose SSD
EBS volume size = 10GB

Above configuration was for my testing purpose now I want to go live on production so I need well configuration which can manage my data as well as resource usage on aws so I can avoid extra wastage of resources and charges by amazon.

Here is my scenario. I am collecting data from approx 2000 devices and putting into kinesis and from kinesis I am inserting into elastic search cluster and this data will be used to visualize on kibana.
I have 24 time slot for per day and in each time slot each device will have data about at max 15kb containing MDM info. And I also have geoData which will update on location update of devices.

Please suggest me well suited configuration for it.

(system) #2