Configuration parameter details [cluster.initial_master_nodes]

This is an excerpt from the official documentation and I would like to know. By cluster, I mean a combination of virtual machines on which one instance of elastic is installed. Node is a new instance of a virtual machine:

  1. After the cluster has been formed for the first time, should this parameter be removed from the configuration file?
  2. What is the effect of the presence of this parameter in further starts of the cluster (reboot after an emergency shutdown, primitive shutdown of the cluster before updating, and all other possible typical maintenance situations)?
  3. When I add new nodes with the role of master to the cluster, do I need to specify this parameter?

Blockquote The initial set of master-eligible nodes is defined in the [cluster.initial_master_nodes setting]
When you start a master-eligible node, you can provide this setting on the command line or in the elasticsearch.yml file. After the cluster has formed, this setting is no longer required. It should not be set for master-ineligible nodes, master-eligible nodes joining an existing cluster, or cluster restarts.
Blockquote It is technically sufficient to set cluster.initial_master_nodes on a single master-eligible node in the cluster, and only to mention that single node in the setting’s value, but this provides no fault tolerance before the cluster has fully formed. It is therefore better to bootstrap using at least three master-eligible nodes, each with a cluster.initial_master_nodes setting containing all three nodes.

Hi mrchile!

  1. Yes.

  2. In rare circumstances (requiring additional failures/misconfigurations) you might mistakenly form a new empty cluster rather than restarting the old one.

  3. No.

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Thank you, this answer important for my)

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