Configure ElasticSearch ingest pipeline at startup?

I've ported a logstash pipeline to an ES ingest pipeline, because I found out that some of our deployments use filebeat->logstash->ES, but others use Elastic Agent->ES.

(I know nothing about Agent, I know a little about the others.)

The pipeline works in the kibana pipeline editor. And I have the curl PUT. But I can't find a way to pre-configure this pipeline at startup, like a logstash configuration. It seems problematic to start ES and plan to curl PUT before any data is ingested.

Is there a startup configuration I've missed?

Do I not understand the purpose of ingest pipelines or how they fit in?

You can configure ingest pipelines as part of the index setup. If you create indices dynamically, you can also configure ingest pipelines within index templates or components, so they are always configured when a new index is created automatically.

Hope that helps!

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