Configure Fingerprint Processor within Elastic Cloud User Interface

Hi there,

Is the Ingest Pipeline Fingerprint Processor not available/configurable within the Elastic Cloud user interface? When I go to Stack Management > Ingest Node Pipelines > [Click on my Pipeline] > Add a Processor, I see every other processor in the dropdown list with the exception of Fingerprint.

The processor shows as "available" via GET _nodes/ingest?filter_path=nodes.*.ingest.processors .

I'm assuming I can leverage the REST API to add it, but it would be nice to have the graphical option, too.


Which version of the Elastic Stack are you using?

It seems this has been added in 7.14... see

Ah, that was it. I had just created my Stack a few days ago and figured it would have defaulted to 7.14, but I was on 7.13.4. I just upgraded, and now Fingerprint is available.


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