Configure kibana to default to Marvel app when launched

We have a Marvel cluster set up to monitor 3 other ES clusters. All works well, but it would be nice if we could force the Kibana instance for the Marvel cluster to default to the "Marvel" app page as opposed to the Kibana "Discover", "Visualization" , "Dashboard", or "Settings" apps.

We currently have the kibana.defaultAppId set to "marvel", which brings up a blank Kibana screen where you can choose either the Kibana or Marvel app switches, but since this cluster will never contain any non-marvel data it would be nice to be able to default to the Marvel "clusters" page upon login to Kibana,

Is there any way to do this?

There's not currently, no.

Also I'd encourage you to raise this via our support channels, as I can see you are a customer :slight_smile:

The configuration value "defaultAppId" is quite misleading because marvel/sense... are apps instead the tab and object to load of the kibana app is meant.