Configure postgresql module with csv fileset through Hints


Running Filebeat 7.12 in Kubernetes, I'm unable to configure the postgresql module to parse CSV logs through hints.

I added the following annotations ( logreaper is the sidecar container that outputs postgres csv logs to stdout):

    $ kubectl get pod postgres-cluster-0 -o yaml
    apiVersion: v1
    kind: Pod
        co.elastic.logs.logreaper/fileset: csv
        co.elastic.logs.logreaper/module: postgresql

But the events are still marked as part of the "log" fileset and the whole CSV line appears in the message field:

        "_source": {
            "@version": "1",
            "service": {
                "type": "postgresql"
            "fileset": {
                "name": "log"
            "tags": [
            "message": "2021-04-23 16:08:18.554 UTC,,,5483,\"[local]\",6082f0f2.156b,1,\"\",2021-04-23 16:08:18 UTC,,0,LOG,00000,\"connection received: host=[local]\",,,,,,,,,\"\"",
            "agent": {
                "ephemeral_id": "a4042fe1-d337-4e57-9b6b-8fc3d8b26326",
                "name": "k3osworker03",
                "hostname": "k3osworker03",
                "type": "filebeat",
                "version": "7.12.0",
                "id": "f8fdf2d7-f87c-4a08-9f94-0edf2570133e"
            "host": {
                "name": "k3osworker03"
            "ecs": {
                "version": "1.8.0"
            "event": {
                "dataset": "postgresql.log",
                "module": "postgresql"
            "@timestamp": "2021-04-23T16:08:18.726Z",
            "input": {
                "type": "container"
            "stream": "stdout"

Am I missing something ?

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