Configure retention period for different index


Could we set up different retention policies for indices in ElasticClooud? For example: index_A should auto-deleted after 7 days, index_B should be deleted after 10 days, etc.

Thank you.

Hi @YaroslavN,

Thank you for your feedback!
We currently do not support a way to control the indices life cycle from within Elastic Cloud. You can use the Curator in order to enforce retention policies, and manage your Elasticsearch indices.
This request does make sense and we do plan to support life cycle management more natively in Elasticsearch in the future. This, in turn, will enable you to implement this configured using Elastic Cloud.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Roy,

Thank you for feedback. Could I cover this through dev panel in Kibana and execute something like

DELETE /*-logs where day creation greater than one month

Thank you.

Hey @YaroslavN,

This sounds like a perfect match for curator. You can use the following page as a reference on how you should go about deleting indics using curator and here is a delete indics example. You can check out the Elasticsearch discuss channel there are more examples there.

Hope this will provide a good solution for your use case.

Also please raise future issues via support Now Live! New Elastic Cloud Standard Support.
This channel is dedicated to Elastic Cloud Enterprise, which is a different product.



Hi Roy,

Thank you.

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