Configure two application instances nodes to same elasticsearch cluster

Two instances are running under load balancing. The order of results is different in two instances. So, we want to make these two nodes under one cluster and set a preference to one node. So, the order of results is consistent whether user requests hit first instance or the second based on load balancing. Or is it possible to route elasticsearch requests from one instance to other having elasticsearch node in only one instance.

Both nodes would need to be clustered.
Ideally you would have 3 nodes though, so you optimise for a majority quorum.

I'd appreciate if you could tell me how I can make both the nodes clustered. I'm using cloud recipes of EngineYard to configure this settings.

I don't know EngineYard sorry.

Make sure you follow the setup as per, and then have the discovery settings as both nodes and you should be good.

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