Configuring a Watcher to detect document changes in an Index

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What I'm trying to achieve is to see if it's possible to detect changes to a document in an index.

Basically if any part of the document changes I want the watcher to trigger a microservice to capture the changes.

I was hoping I could output the "old" (as in pre-update) contents of a document utilizing the watcher plugin but a watcher is triggered after the fact so it appears the best I can do is see if a timestamp field has been updated, for example, and output the document to a web service.

Thanks in advance.


Mark Gillen

(Alexander Reelsen) #2

Elasticsearch does not store the old revision of a document, so there is no way to extract this with watcher, you could only detect that a change has happened by querying for a last modified timestamp or something similar and trigger something based on that using a HTTP output.


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