Configuring ES issues

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I have the following questions related to ES:

  1. the ES config is set up to localhost. The web app is called via localhost and in this case we can create the logs. But we don't get the logs If the web app is called via the public IP. Why is that?
  2. The ES config is set up to the public IP and can be externally accessed via the public IP:9200.
    I can create the logs in ES if I run the console app. I don't create any logs if I run web app using the same web.config. Is this a CORS issue or anything else?

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Not sure I understand.
But if you want to have your instance accessible from outside, you need to configure setting.

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Hi, as @dadoonet said,

You can't "speak" from outside with your ES configured to be called only with Localhost (AKA loopback/

So you have to set as david said : with you local IP (LAN).

Don't understand the second case, could you make it more "clear" ?

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I don't know why it's difficult to understand the question, I think it was clear enough...
Ok, let me describe the situation again:

sutiation N1: IF ES is configured to localhost and my web app is configured to send the logs to ES, then
subsituation A: When I run the web app locally (localhost) it does creates the logs in the ES
subsituation B: When I run the web app using public IP, it does not create the logs in the ES.
The question is: WHY?

sutiation N2:
If I change the ES's config to the private IP then if I go to public_ip:9200/log/_search I can see my logs from the internet
Next step: I reconfigure the console app to send the logs to public_ip:9200
and the console app successfully sends the logs

If I reconfigure the web app, using the same config as the console app used, then I dont get the logs in the ES.
The question is: WHY?

I hope it's clear enough

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