Configuring Input Type for Filebeat Module

Hello! Is there a way to add configuration options to the lower-level input type that a filebeat module uses? For instance, if I am using the zeek filebeat module and I want to change some of the default settings for the log input, such as close_renamed, close_inactive, ignore_older, etc., is there a way to do this from the module configuration? I haven't found a way yet through the online documentation and it doesn't seem possible from looking through the source code.


It is possible by providing input level config under input keyword.

Example using the system module:

 #==========================  Modules configuration =============================
 - module: system
   # Syslog
     enabled: true

     # Input configuration (advanced). Any input configuration option
     # can be added under this section.
       close_renamed: true

Fantastic! I'll give that a shot, thank you.

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