Several inputs for modules


I need to configure several inputs for any particular module, but most modules only have one, or generally a way to specify the mode/type/protocol of one (syslog over TLS, syslog over UDP, reading from a log file, ...). I want to have several though, so just overriding the keys won't help me with solving that. Is there a standard way to solve that problem? The reason I want to do that is I want to use the same configuration for inputs in several different use cases. Different setups require/support syslog via TCP, or via UDP, and I want to avoid having to modify the configuration each time.

Examples for these problems are the modules for Check Point and Palo Alto.

If anybody has a good solution to the problem, please let me know. I want to avoid customizing or altering large parts of each module. So a general way to solve it that avoids having to touch every single module would be great.

Links: beats/firewall.yml at master · elastic/beats · GitHub
beats/input.yml at master · elastic/beats · GitHub

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