Configuring Metricbeat Oracle Module


I'm trying to configure Metricbeat Oracle Module on my system but getting logon denied error upon starting Metricbeat.

Error Message:

2020-05-05T16:45:30.988Z INFO module/wrapper.go:259 Error fetching data for metricset oracle.performance: error creating connection to Oracle: error doing ping to database: username="sys" sid="ipaddress:1521/XE" params={authMode:2 connectionClass:0x7fd1480008c0 connectionClassLength:7 purity:0 newPassword: newPasswordLength:0 appContext: numAppContext:0 externalAuth:0 externalHandle: pool: tag: tagLength:0 matchAnyTag:0 outTag: outTagLength:0 outTagFound:0 shardingKeyColumns: numShardingKeyColumns:0 superShardingKeyColumns: numSuperShardingKeyColumns:0 outNewSession:0}: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

Below is configuration for oracle.yml file

  • module: oracle
    metricsets: ["tablespace", "performance"]
    enabled: true
    period: 10s
    hosts: ["oracle://sys:oracle@ipaddress:1521/XE?sysdba=1"]


The oracle version installed is Oracle 18c and able to logon using the above credential using sqlplus.

Elastic Version : 7.5.1

Can someone please let me know if I'm missing anything while configuring the same.

Rakesh Chhabria


Can you try adding username and password in the module configuration? See

It should be sth like:

- module: oracle
  metricsets: ["tablespace", "performance"]
  enabled: true
  period: 10s
  hosts: ["oracle://user:pass@localhost:1521/ORCLPDB1.localdomain?sysdba=1"]

  username: "some"
  password: "somepass"

Hi Chris,

This got resolved by resetting the password at oracle level. Now I'm able to collect the tablespace metricset data from oracle database.

Upon receiving data, I'm not able to see default dashboard being populated. (Dashboard Name : [Metricbeat Oracle] Tablespaces).

Rakesh Chhabria

Hi again!

Are metrics being collected? Do you see events in Discover page of Kibana? Is Dashboard showing any errors or it is just empty?

Hi Chris,

Yes, metrics are being collected in the index and I could review the same. While going on Dashboard page it is showing "No data to display for Selected Metrics".

Below is the metricset data being collected for Tablespace metricset.

"_index": "metricbeat-7.5.1-2020.04.08-000001",
"_type": "_doc",
"_id": "ItvM5XEBJIrpaPIcHiWO",
"_version": 1,
"_score": null,
"_source": {
"@timestamp": "2020-05-05T17:04:51.021Z",
"event": {
"dataset": "oracle.tablespace",
"module": "oracle",
"duration": 84821806
"metricset": {
"period": 10000,
"name": "tablespace"
"ecs": {
"version": "1.1.0"
"host": {
"architecture": "x86_64",
"os": {
"platform": "rhel",
"version": "7.8 (Maipo)",
"family": "redhat",
"name": "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server",
"kernel": "3.10.0-1127.el7.x86_64",
"codename": "Maipo"
"id": "2c97b53b3e9d44fd86a34c4814706131",
"containerized": false,
"hostname": "Worker-Atlas-Dev-VM5",
"name": "Worker-Atlas-Dev-VM5"
"agent": {
"id": "a3a005f4-4dec-45ea-8cd8-ea454f1e510f",
"version": "7.5.1",
"type": "metricbeat",
"ephemeral_id": "82dca924-95bb-47ab-aa70-14fef0e06dab",
"hostname": "Worker-Atlas-Dev-VM5"
"cloud": {
"machine": {
"type": "Standard_D4s_v3"
"region": "CentralIndia",
"instance": {
"id": "0dd948bd-ed2d-4621-9f55-b96b9bbef58d",
"name": "Worker-Atlas-Dev-VM5"
"provider": "az"
"oracle": {
"tablespace": {
"data_file": {
"online_status": "ONLINE",
"id": 3,
"size": {
"bytes": 1111490560,
"max": {
"bytes": 34359721984
"free": {
"bytes": 1110441984
"name": "/opt/oracle/oradata/XE/sysaux01.dbf",
"status": "AVAILABLE"
"space": {
"free": {
"bytes": 66519040
"used": {
"bytes": 1111490560
"name": "SYSAUX"
"service": {
"type": "oracle",
"address": "oracle://sys:oracle@ipaddress:1521/XE?sysdba=1"
"fields": {
"@timestamp": [
"highlight": {
"": [
"sort": [

Hmm, if you try to edit the visualisations of this dashboard do you see anything interesting? I would try to "copy" a visualisation (actually create it from scratch) and see if I am able to plot the specific metrics. If that is the case then I suspect that indexes are not setup properly, and many times dashboards are tightly coupled with indexes/index-patterns which results into Dashboards with no data.

Hi Chris,

Let me try that as well and will let you know. Will take up any one of the visualization and try to edit or build it from scratch.

Rakesh Chhabria.

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