Configuring multi node ES setup in aws to withstand AZ going down

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how does ES ensure fail over scenario to work when the entire AZ goes down
in AWS? Or is there something that I need to do to make it work?

lets say i have a 4 node cluster with number of replicas set to 1 and i
have 2 nodes in one AZ and remaining 2 in another AZ. what if 1st AZ goes
down? how do we ensure full availability of all shards in such a case?
because technically it is possible that there might be bunch of shards who
primary and replica copy are both in the 1st AZ. how does ES recover then?

any best practices here?

also, i didn't mention that i have a 5th node which is a no-data ELB in
AZ1, lets say. what is the recommendation here to also maintain a fallback
ELB in AZ2? how can i configure my java and ruby clients with the 2 ELBs?


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