Configuring ssl from letsencrypt

Hi! I'm new here, so I apologize in advance for possibly inquiring about something that may seem obvious.

Elasticsearch version : 6.1
X-Pack version: 6.1

I've been struggling since yesterday to get secured https setup.

I followed the step by step instructions on configuring ssl certificates from letsencrypt in the ES environment:

the resulting content of elasticsearch.yml:

xpack.ssl.key: /etc/elasticsearch/ssl/
xpack.ssl.certificate: /etc/elasticsearch/ssl/ true certificate true

(and yes, the paths above do lead to files that are exact copies of the cert files issued by letsencrypt (/etc/letsencrypt/archive/ )

Elasticsearch status is : running

Problem is: elasticsearch is not listening => ( If I run netstat -an | find ":9200", I get nothing)

If I go to https// with a browser, it throws a security error.

Is there anything in the configs that I've done wrong ?

(note: I had also setup a X.509 certificate by following all the steps at , but that did not successfully allow client-side https requests. (I suppose since the resulting 'P12' certificate is self-signed).

If anyone has some insight, it'd be much appreciated (my site is presently online and broken... with many daily users ...ouch).


Oh. My bad. I was simply pointing to the wrong cert files... RESOLVED.

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