Configuring thread size in jvm.dll when installing Elasticsearch as a service

Hi all,

When I am installing elasticsearch (5.0.1) version as a service in Windows I receive the following error:

thread stack size not set; configure using -Xss via C:\Temp\Elasticsearch\elasticsearch-5.0.1\config\jvm.options or ES_JAVA_OPTS

I have no idea what to do here apart from go the file that they specify. I don't know what to do at this stage.
Can anybody please explain to me what they are asking and how fix it ?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Anne Marie

Have a read through Setup Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Guide [5.1] | Elastic

The file you want to edit is;

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your help. I've read the link and I would like to ask another question.

I have set -Xss to -Xss128m in the jvm.options file. This works and I can run elasticsearch as a service, but I have no idea if this value is a sensible value to use.

In the link you sent above, it says that if you are using a 32 bit JVM you should set the value to -Xss320k.

I installed a 64 bit version of Java but the above link doesn't give a guideline as to what I should configure the thread stack size to. Would you know what value I should use?

Thanks so much for your help!

Anne Marie

In 5.0.1 you should set it to -Xss1m, or you can upgrade to 5.1.2 where this is shipped as a default setting.

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