Configuring XML into ElasticSearch Using Filebeat

(Adika Dashrieq Emmanuel Kaza) #1

Hai Everyone, i want to transfer the list of file from xml into elasticsearch using Filebeat. I don't know where to start its is because when i read the documentation be default filebeat load recommended files which in json format. Is any way to indexing xml file using filebeat into elasticsearch. Plus Logstash is depreciated which my colleague suggesting to me using Filebeat.


(Mark Walkom) #2

Logstash is not deprecated.

Filebeat will ship the files, it just won't pull them apart and restructure them from XML into JSON, you need Logstash for that.

(Adika Dashrieq Emmanuel Kaza) #3

Filebeat can ship the files from xml files into elasticsearch? that's the question that been bothering me today.

(Mark Walkom) #4

Yes, it can ship any file of any format.

(Adika Dashrieq Emmanuel Kaza) #5

Thanks. Appreciated it.

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