Confirming exact definition of "red" and "yellow" for index status for a multi data node cluster


Is this correct:

RE: the GET _cat/indices? api: if it returns red for an index (on a multi data node cluster), it means that at least one primary shard and all its replicas are unavailable, and if it returns yellow, at least one of the replica shards is unavailable?


Red is one primary shard not available. Replicas are not considered.
A cluster can have a primary shard unavailable but the replicas may all be ok, eg if it's working on promoting a replica shard to a primary.

OK, so from a data availability perspective, this api isn't going to provide useful info, because even x number of primary shard(s) is/are unavailable, the replicas may be fine. Is that correct? Probably more useful to track document count and/or simply look for data during specified time buckets, etc.? Also, thanks!

It depends on what you are looking for I guess.

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