Confluence Connector syncing limited pages


I have created a Confluence Cloud connector, and I want to ingest documents from a specific space called, say, ZZZZ in my index.


On Confluence, the ZZZZ space has 1000+ documents. However, when the sync is run, only ~100 pages (important: 100 pages, not 100 documents. By dcouments, I mean, attachments, etc etc) are ingested in the index. I am using the default configurations, nothing modified.


What changes need to be done on the configration side so that all pages are ingested?

Hi @Adhish_Thite,

By default the confluence cloud connector syncs the following items:
The connector syncs the following Confluence object types:

  • Pages
  • Spaces
  • Blog Posts
  • Attachments

In addition, attachments over 10 MB will not be synced. What kind of documents are you expecting to be synced, but are not being synced?