Confluence cloud is having unexpected error during the synchronization

I am having unexpected error in the diagnostic.json file when I successfully configure the Confluence Cloud connector in the workplace search and it gave us the "Source returned an unexpected error during synchronization." error. And the contents in my space are not populated into the Workplace search, the detailed error is

"createdAt": "2021-07-06T20:30:03Z",
"status": "error",
"fatalException": {
"friendly_message": "Source returned an unexpected error during synchronization.",
"stack_trace": "/usr/share/enterprise-search/lib/war/connectors/lib/connectors/content_sources/atlassian/custom_client.class:41:in `parse_and_raise_if_necessary!\u0027: Failed to call https://*****"

@James_Huang1 are you still having this issue today? We saw similar behavior yesterday, and I believe it was due to an Atlassian outage. Our support request to Atlassian is yet unresolved, but we are not seeing the same issue today.

Yes, we are having this issue today

@James_Huang1 can you share more details? What version of Enterprise Search are you using? Can you share the full connector diagnostic JSON file? Or at least a few more lines of the stack trace?