Confused about GetRequest and SearchRequest

Hi all,

we will store searchable data into the _source field. So there isn't stored
a classic known document like pdf or so. Additionally we will store the
database primary key in the _scource field like this:

_source{ "searchfield1":"value1","searchfield2":"value2","dbkey":"4711"}

If we'll get the dbkeys from ES search by a query to process some other
stuff, is it the preferred method to do the following process:

  1. send a CountRequest to get the "count" of the searchquery,
  2. after this send a SearchRequest with the same query and with
    SearchType.SCAN and setSize(count) to receive the ids,
  3. then send a GetRequest in a id based for-loop to get all documents
    (_source fields) to receive the dbkey field

I think there must be another approach. Can you help me?

some code for better understanding:

CountResponse countResp = esClient.prepareCount(index).setTypes(types)
int total = ((Long) countResp.getCount()).intValue();

SearchResponse searchResponse =

for (SearchHit hit : searchResponse.getHits().getHits()) {
GetRequest getRequest = new GetRequest(index, hit.getType(), hit.getId());
GetResponse getResponse = esClient.get(getRequest).actionGet();

if (!hit.isSourceEmpty()) {
DataReference dataReference = (DataReference)

Best regards and many thanks in advance

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