Confusion on the Create Beat instruction

According to this url:

Now create a directory under $GOPATH for your repository and change to the new directory:
mkdir ${GOPATH}/src/{user}
cd ${GOPATH}/src/{user}

And then later in the document, it says:

Beat Name [Examplebeat]: Countbeat
Your Github Name [your-github-name]: {username}
Beat Path [**{github id}**/{beat name}]:
Firstname Lastname: {Full Name}

Is this {github id} the same as the {user}?

And then when [fetch dependencies and set up the Beat] in the next step, it never asks for the {user} directory any more. What is it used for? Since I am having some errors (as in my last post), I believe it is the documentation error, and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

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