Confusion setting up Filebeats for NGINX, Logstash, and ElasticSearch

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Following the documentation for Setting up Filebeats for NGINX, I got to this page here:

However it is unclear how I actually install the module. Does it already come preinstalled with Elasticsearch instances? In the Module overview ( ) it mentions Ingest Nodes, but when I go to the page on Ingest Nodes ( ) it simply tells me to define a pipeline ( ) at which point there is only a small amount of information on Pipelines.

So my question simply is: how do I get that NGINX dashboard? Do I need to define pipelines? If so, are those defined on ElasticSearch or Logstash? where do these files go? How are they formatted? It's very unclear when I have to follow multiple links to wind up at a page with the equivalent of 1 paragraph worth of material on the topic.

Thanks for any and all help.


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Best check out the tutorial here: This should contain all the details you were asking for above.

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