How to configure nginx module of filebeat with redis output

Hi, I am using filebeat(6.5) with redis output, The structure is filebeat->redis->logstash->es->kibana. I want to collect nginx log with NGINX module of filebeat, but I can not find the config way, In the [Filebeat Reference [6.5]], I found that it is only for es output. Does it support redis output?

Filebeat modules make use of Ingest Node in Elasticsearch. That is, the parsing is done in Ingest Node, not in Filebeat.

One can run filebeat setup with the Elasticsearch output configured for the initial setup of the template mapping, Ingest Node pipeline and Dashboards (requires kibana).

Once everything is setup one can use the redis output.

In logstash you either have to parse the logs yourself (if you want to apply some extra filtering/processing/routing), or just forward to Ingest Node. The @metadata field contains all information like index and Ingest Node pipeline to use.

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