Parsing Redis log message field using Redis module but shipping to Logstash

Hello all,

I am testing the Redis module for Filebeat. Filebeat uses Logstash as the output. The log messages are not parsed as I had expected. Based on this from the documentation

Uses ingest node to parse and process the log lines, shaping the data into a structure suitable for visualizing in Kibana

I assume this is because I do not ship the logs directly to Elasticsearch.

Is there a way to get the same functionality when going through Logstash? I mean "for free" :slight_smile:
I can do it with e.g. grok but maybe there is something straight out of the box :smiley:

I am going through Logstash because the same host has other logs that go through Logstash and according to the Filebeat output documentation

Only a single output may be defined.

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