Connect to ElasticSearch through a wrapper

We use NEST API version 7.4 to connect to ES cluster with four nodes running v 7.4

The connection settings are as follows

    var nodeUrls = "url1~url2~url3~url4".Split('~').Select(u => new Uri(u));
    var nodes = nodeUrls.Select(u => new Node(u));
    var pool = new StickyConnectionPool(nodes);
    var settings = new ConnectionSettings(pool)

In our infrastructure, we control access to the ES nodes through IPs. This means that every new PC/laptop needs to be provided access.

I am thinking of having a .NET wrapper endpoint hosted on a server which has access to the ES nodes and using the wrapper end point in the application code instead of the node URLs directly. How do we configure this in NEST?

This sounds like a proxy in front of the cluster. In this scenario, the SingleNodeConnectionPool would be the one to use.

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