Connected Kibana 6.7 to 6.5 cluster, users can't login anymore


Today I accedentily connected Kibana 6.7 to Elasticsearch running 6.5 but after this normal users are not able to log in anymore from the main kibana 6.5 instance. The error is: Oops, error. Try again.

The admin account has no problems logged in.

I checked and found there now are to kibana indeces, .kibana_1 and .kibana_2. Could this be the problem and if so, how can I correct this?

Yep that would be it.
Try changing the .kibana alias to the older index of the two.

Actually the alias is already pointing to the oldest index (older by 30 seconds, .kibana_2). I tried changing to alias to kibana_1 but that results in an error when trying to access Kibana. I was lucky to have a window open to change the alias back.

{"statusCode":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"An internal server error occurred"}

What else can I do?

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