Connecting 2 clusters in kubernetes


I have one cluster in zone-1 with 2 nodes and I have one more cluster in zone-2 with 2 nodes and both the clusters are having the same cluster name. Would like know how to establish a connection between 2 clusters in kubernetes.
Requesting anyone to please help me on this. Thanks!

If they had different names you could connect them through cross-cluster search, so I would recommend recreating and renaming one of them. Not sure if there is any way to connect two clusters with the same name.

According to Elastic Doc , All clusters must be in the same Elasticsearch environment, region, and owned by the same user.
But in out case , we have two different cluster(cluster name I will be managed) in different region. According to client requirement, both cluster should be communicate to each other. Example : user added one document in cluster A, us- region , the same document should be display when user search in cluster B, aisa region.
Kindly help me. Thank you!

I would recommend recreating one of the clusters with a different name and configure cross-cluster search.

Adding to @Christian_Dahlqvist answer that you can also look at

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