Connecting Amazon ElasticCluster

Hi All,

I have created a test elastic service domain in Amazon ElasticSearch Service. Now I want to index data from a csv file to Amazon ElasticDomain. So please explain me how to connect to ES cluster.when I try to connect using node client with end point as cluster name data is not indexing to amazon.can some one help me out how to interact with amazon cluster service from java API


Amazon elasticsearch does not expose 9300 port AFAIK.

You need then to create or use a Java REST Client. JEST for example.

Or you can have a look at found which allows communication using the transport layer (Java).

You could use Logstash.

Hi David

I have implemented JEST client to connect amazon service but when i try to implement HttpClientConfig.Builder it is throwing errors even though i added JEST jars. The error iam getting is "built path " error. i have used JEST2.0 jar.please explain me is their any jar required to get it work?


I have no idea as I never used Jest. May be JEST authors are around and could answer ?