Connecting kibana (not in docker) with elasticsearch docker

Hi , i want to connect my kibana to elastic search docker , there are in different server.
When i tried to access elasticsearch from browser it works fine, but when i tried to connect kibana to that server it notified that Unable to revive connection. I use kibana in other server but not in dockerize .

Any one can help ?


here is my kibana.yml

server.port: 5601 "10.x.x.x" "sqm-dashboard"
elasticsearch.hosts: ["https://10.x.x.x:9200"]

elasticsearch.username: "elastic"
elasticsearch.password: "xxxxx"

server.ssl.enabled: true
server.ssl.certificate: /home/admapp/kibana-7.3.1-linux-x86_64/config/certs/kibana.crt
server.ssl.key: /home/admapp/kibana-7.3.1-linux-x86_64/config/certs/kibana.key

logging.verbose: false

I see this error in the log. ... unable to verify the first certificate

Are you using SSL and have you configured it correctly?

I would also check docker port mapping

Hi nick , in where server i have to generate certificate first ? in kibana server or in my elasticsearch docker ? actually its different physical server

Here's a step by step process for configuring SSL in the Elastic stack.

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