Connecting Outlook with CUSTOM API SOURCES

I have just installed and configured EnterpriseSearch on my on premesis stack to use the WorkplaceSearch anyone trying to use it like me? Many sources are missing, for example Outlook. I guess i need to use the Custom API, but i don’t know how to start...or maybe it would be available in the future?
Another possible source could be a "microsoft shared folder".
First question to start: where i can configure an indexing pipeline between Outlook e WS, in wich path folder? I cannot see a ws path folder for configuration as for logstash or elasticsearch or kibana. Do i have to configure a pipeline as in logstash?
Second: I see that outlook provide GET API, how could i use it?

Can anyone help me?

Another possible source could be a "microsoft shared folder".

Hi Marco

It's true that Workplace Search do not yet support Outlook.

You can go here to see a list of all the supported content sources.

If you want to index your Outlook email, you'll need to create a Custom Source and then push your content into it using its API.

For sources not yet supported there is nothing automatically happening. You'll need to implement the extractor from Outlook using their APIs and then push the content to Workplace Search using our API.

I hope that makes sense.

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Hi Mads,
thanks for your reply. Yes, of course it makes sense for me. I see this documentation to implement the extractor:

I just have to decide whether to use Python or Ruby, since I know both languages. Am i right?
About the other question, where can i configure the pipeline to push the content to WS using your API? As i wrote before I cannot find a path folder instead in Logstash i know there is /etc/logstash. Can you help me?

I would suggest simply using logstash to pull data from Oulook using http_poller input plugin and then push them to workplace search using http output plugin

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