Connecting to MSSQL on version 6.1


I'm trying to use Kibana+Elasticsearch for analytics, BI, in my company project. Here we have our databases on aws but we can acess it thro sql instances. I'm a little lost on how can I use elasticsearch with a sql connection. I've done a lot of research on plugins, but couldn't find a full tutorial that works in the version I'm working with, the 6.1.

Other thing, Can I only pass the connection in the .conf file with a query? In the examples i've seen there the "statement" parameter, is it obrigatory? How does it work? Currently I'm working on this file:

@echo off

set DIR=%~dp0
set LIB=%DIR%..\lib\*
set BIN=%DIR%..\bin

REM ???
echo {^
    "type" : "jdbc",^
    "jdbc" : {^
        "url" : "jdbc:URL",^
        "user" : "",^
        "password" : "",^
        "statement" : "",^
        "treat_binary_as_string" : true,^
        "elasticsearch" : {^
             "cluster" : "elasticsearch",^
             "host" : "localhost",^
             "port" : 9300^
        "index" : "metawiki"^
}^ | "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java" -cp "%LIB%" -Dlog4j.configurationFile="%BIN%\log4j2.xml" "" ""

Thank you!

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