Connection errors when running functional_test_runner.js

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I'm having an issue with running tests for kibana. These are the steps I took to run the tests.

  1. cloned the 6.3.4 repo to a directory
  2. ran yarn kbn bootstrap in the kibana directory.
  3. ran node ./script/functional_test_runner.js

it opens up a web browser and does some UI testing with the following output:

$ node ./scripts/functional_test_runner.js 
 info  Config loaded
 info  Starting local chromedriver at port 9515
 info  Remote initialized
 info  Starting tests

 └-: console app
   └-> "before all" hook
   └-> "before all" hook
   └-: console app
     └-> "before all" hook
     └-> "before all" hook

then I get errors stating:

unable to revive connections: http://localhost:9220/

here's the full log:

I'm running Kibana 6.3.4 from the github repo on Centos 7.

Let me know if there's a part of the documentation that I missed that might address this.

(Marius Dragomir) #2

You either need to run node scripts/functional_tests_server before the test_runner or run directly with node scripts/functional_tests . You can read the description of the functional test suite here:

(Sam Reynolds) #3

Ah I see now. I tried running functional_tests.js and this is my output

node ./scripts/functional_tests.js 
 info  Installing from snapshot
   │ info  version: 6.3.2
   │ info  install path: /home/sreynolds/kibana/kibana/.es/test-rwu9yk212d
   │ info  license: oss
   │ info  downloading from
Error: Not Found

Running functional_tests_server.js produces the same result. Is there somewhere I can change the URL to a valid URL?

(Marius Dragomir) #4

you need to run on master or 6.x, i don't think we have snapshots stored for 6.3.2.

(Sam Reynolds) #5

Okay, what I'm trying to do is write some tests for a plugin developed in kibana-6.3.2 and the documentation says to use functional_test_runner. Is there another way to write tests for this plugin without having to change kibana version?

(Marius Dragomir) #6

Hmm, you can try to run it with ES from source by adding this as a parameter --esFrom=source to the call.

(Sam Reynolds) #7

Alright that got me passed the URL error. Is there a way to use an already running elasticsearch server instead of starting a new one or am I misunderstanding what it's actually doing with elasticsearch?

(Marius Dragomir) #8

you don't need to use a new elasticsearch server. just set that setting and restart the browser.

(Sam Reynolds) #9

Is the functional tests script not starting a new elasticsearch server to use during the tests?

I tried adding --esFrom=source to the command and it was looking for elasticsearch in the directory below kibana. I cloned elasticsearch in the directory it was expecting to find it in and It failed to build due to some java error.

According to the 3rd option looks like I can use a remote instance of elasticsearch for testing. This would be a better option than building elasticsearch locally, but I am a little reluctant using an elasticsearch that contains data that I don't want to lose. Do the Kibana tests have any affect on the elasticsearch data? I cant imagine it would but I figured I'd ask.

(Marius Dragomir) #10

You can run a clean ES instance. This will be the safest option. I think even the latest 6.3 release should work with your branch. Just use the environment variables TEST_ES... to set the address for your ES.

(Sam Reynolds) #11

Okay, I'll try that out next week. Thanks for the help!

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