Connection refused - elastic search doesnt listen anywhere

Straight to my configuration... I edited the /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml and I have tried the following different options: localhost

I also tried local instead of localhost!

I also played around with the

I havent changed the http.portor any other thing in general...

to my surprise when I
curl -X GET localhost:9200 I get nothing back.
By doing lsof -i TCP I dont see elasticsearch listening anywhere, and with service elasticsearch status I see it running...

Im running Debian 3.16.7.

Any help please?

What version of Elasticsearch is it?

Is Elasticsearch running? Like, does it show up in ps aux | grep java?

Has it logged anything in /var/log/elasticsearch/clustername.log? It ought to log where it has bound.

Also could you try curl -X GET instead of localhost?

Not sure it would help but is worth asking :slight_smile:

The issue was that in version 1.1.0 nothing really works rofl. I am trying 2.2.2 now thanks