Connection to ES on a remote single server too slow

The connection with ES is Ok locally. Then we put the ES on a single server of Aliyun. The search speed becomes very slow. Everything else is the same except the difference between local and remote.

The ES version is 5.6.1. We use transport client java API in our project. The bandwith of the server is 1mb/s.

Hi @weiwei107

Unfortunately, I think there isn't much you can do here. The only thing I see that might help if you're limited by your bandwidth and not latency would be to turn on tcp compressing. See the docs [here] (, transport.tcp.compress is the setting you could try to set to true.
That should reduce the bandwidth quite a bit assuming the data transferred is compressible.

1mb/s ?

That's not a lot. Are you sure it's that value?

yes, it is 1Mbps.

Thanks a lot.

Actually I am trying this to solve a problem which we have been struggling to handle but failed:

Could you please take a look?

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