Consistent data blackouts followed by data restoration

Every day at the same time, all data stops being coming into my cluster for a few hours.

When I check again in the morning, all the data is there and there is no gap.

When checking /var/log/filebeat I see this error recurring:
'''2020-04-08T00:00:25.491-0700 ERROR log/harvester.go:281 Read line error: read /var/ericsson/ddc_data/svc-4-cmserv_TOR/070420/instr.txt: stale NFS file handle; File: /var/ericsson/ddc_data/svc-4-cmserv_TOR/070420/instr.txt'''

I thought this was the culprit but other filebeat instances the show this error aren't displaying the same symptoms, and there are no other errors in the filebeat log files.

Has anyone experienced this? Would love to get a second opinion on what the issue could be.

Linux RHEL7 with ELK + Filebeat stack version 7.3

It looks like you may be reading data from NFS, which is not recommended.

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