Constant high CPU usage


I'm using elasticsearch (7.3.0) on a single debian 9 (strech) instance (6 cpu / 32gb RAM). I'm seeing a constant CPU usage at 100% even if I stop all indexing and there are only around 50 http connections.

"http" : {
        "current_open" : 83,
        "total_opened" : 285

When looking at thread pool usage, I see that the thread http_server_worker seems to be using most of it.
59.4% (296.7ms out of 500ms) cpu usage by thread 'elasticsearch[elk-panel-7][http_server_worker][T#4]
Here is the full thread pool output .

Does anyone have any idea where the issue might lie ? I don't really know where to look from here. Thank you.

Can you share the role definitions you have created ?

Here are the role definitions . Could the CPU usage come from there ?

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