Consultation about a use case


In my company we are building a awb application. Out application data resided in multiple data sources : aws s3, postgres, mongodb.
I was looking for a way to speed up some of the queries.

There are some drop down select objects in our app. The dropdown elements show textual values from a postgres column.
The text is short.

Will this present a good use case for elasticsearch ? As I am thinking about querying for exact matches.


Hi @royassis and welcome,

It's depends on your case maybe using elastic just for dropdown select to filter on exact match is overhead as you need to store your data the correct way (which will make changes in your application), maintain servers (you certainly need a cluster or you can use elastic cloud that can ease this part), you also have a learning curve on how to use correctly a new service.
For just a dropdown and exact match postgres should be enough.

Are your dropdown data aggregations of your content, I mean dynamic data or static?

How much data you have?

You may check some blog about mongodb vs elastic you may find some mongodb limitation that push people to move to elastic that can match your case or revers people move to mongodb depends on the case.

Maybe with more information you may have more advice.

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