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Interested in ElasticSearch Consultation Services links. Contact form on Elasticsearch website would not submit.

Send an email to to get that information?

Hi Brian,

After internal Elasticsearch consulting for three years at Symantec, I recently started a sole proprietorship to be an independent Elasticsearch consulting architect.

I'd love to help your team with ...

  • Product Development with Elasticsearch
  • Site-Reliability Engineering for Elasticsearch
  • Elasticsearch Ecosystem
  • Good choices for your Use Cases

Best wishes.....Geena

For the time, I gave up on configuring our local service and have attempted to start a trial of ElasticCloud. I still am not able to get past provisioning a cluster. When I attempt to click on my Elastic endpoint or my Kibana endpoint after following video tutorials I am confronted by a login process. None of the credentials I set up yet work at all. It is also not clear where to set up a new user name. When you go into Kibana configuration and reset the password it does so, and shows the password, but nowhere does it display the proper username to use. I could begin by reading the documentation from top to bottom, but it is curious that the tutorials should skip this crucial info.

Hi, our firm OpenSource Connections ( has
done open source search consulting (Solr then Elasticsearch) for 10 years.
Don't hesitate to reach out to me via

Other firms I might recommend include Flax ( and Sematext
( Both firms have been around about as long, and each
of us has slightly different competencies.

I actually have a Solr/ES consulting buying guide you might find useful,
shoot me an email and I'll send it to you.


Hi Brian,

The username is the email that you would have signed-up with when you first joined (see screenshot below):

Does that work with your password?

Kind regards,

Paul Coghlan

Actually, it isn't that. It is simply "Elastic", and for Kibana it is "Kibana".

Ah - apologies - I mis-read your question. So are you able to login to both Elastic and Kibana now?

Yes, thank you!

Brian, you've identified a common problem. There is so much documentation that applies to so many different use cases, it is hard to know what the best approaches are for your particular use case. I like helping clients to accelerate up the learning curve and become self sufficient.

As for experience, Elasticsearch 1.0 came out in February 2014, so we all have about 3 years of experience. I've been a search engineer for about 18 years using various technologies.

Leapfire distinguishes itself in several ways. I do not need a big contract; I am satisfied with an engagement as short as 4 hours. You always work with the principal. I have a closer relationship with Elastic than any of the big consulting firms. I formulated my business plan through discussions with Elastic sales reps. Leapfire and Elastic have no points of competition and we are fully complementary.

Elastic asks “How did Geena become so knowledgeable of Elasticsearch?”

If you would like to explore running Elasticsearch with your own operations staff, let me know. I've setup more than a dozen clusters over the years for 1.x, 2.x, and 5.x. And I'll train them for Elasticsearch Site Reliability.


"My heart is in the work." -- Andrew Carnegie

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