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i would like to contribute to beats, especially for winlogbeats on my windows machine (WIN 10). Is there something special i have to note. Steps i have yet created install golang -> fork your repo -> cloned it on my machine. Problem is that after i have cloned it, git will delete many *.json fies. For example packetbeats\etc\kibana\visualization\...\*.json. If i reproduce the same steps on ubuntu, all is fine. Is there something special to build sources on windows?



I assume you are referring to the make update command which does not directly exist on Windows? What are the commands you are running? Which python version do you have installed?

I have python 2.7.12 installed. I have run no command. I only clone the repo and git status

I have no idea why it add's these files Cassandra Metricbeat and delete the *.json files. Very strange!

Ooh, i think i got the problem. : is a forbidden character on windows. Is there any chance to rename these files??

Workaround for me is to do a sparse-checkout and exclude these folders. But i think this is an issue and have to discuss.

I think the files should be renamed and the script that wrote those files should have a filter added that replaces the : if it exists in the filepath. I recall having a similar issue with '*' in the filename many months ago.

Ok, should i open an issue or a pr?

@maddin2016 Thank you for reporting the issue. Please open a GitHub issue under, so we can fix other visualizations that have a similar problem.

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