Contributing to Fleet with Community Integrations


Are there plans or discussions to allow community built integrations, or the ability to load custom built integrations.

The Elastic Agent feature is really nice and it would be great if we could build an Integration that doesn't already exist and use the Elastic Agent as a distribution mechanism to ship our Integration.

The workflow I imagine would be similar to how we are currently able to build a custom beat and manually install that beat on a host. If we are able to have that same level of contribution while also being able to leverage distribution via custom integrations this would be a huge benefit to the community.

I understand there is a "Custom Logs" integration, what I'm referring to is different from just custom logs but more so the ability to ship a custom integration altogether.

Hi Ryan,

thank you for writing this post. If you want to contribute to the Integrations, feel free to build a new package on your own and open the PR to the Integrations repository: GitHub - elastic/integrations: Elastic Integrations . You can also open a draft PR and we can give you some guidance on how to contribute.

There is a dedicated tool to build and test integrations - elastic-package: GitHub - elastic/elastic-package: elastic-package - Command line tool for developing Elastic Integrations .

This is great news,
Thank you for providing the links and information.

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