Contributing - what issues are best?

Hey Kibana team.

I'm very interested in getting involved and taking on some issues to feed back into Kibana core. Aside from the contributing guidelines which is super detailed and informative - do you have a policy on what is best for the community to take on? For example, I see the label adoptme - is this the best place to start? Do you prefer contributions to be developed against master ?

One that I have particular interest in is - since plugin development is a no-go for now - can I develop this as a core plugin?

Any guidance is much appreciated. Cheers!

The best place to start as a new Kibana contributor is actually the "low fruit" tag. These tend to be very simple enhancements. The "adoptme" tag indicates issues that we'd like to see in the product but don't have the bandwidth to work on, and they usually tend to be more involved.

You should fork Kibana to your own Github account, develop in your own branch, tracking against master, and then submit a pull request.

Until plugins are officially endorsed, that seems like a good call.

Thanks Tanya, that helps a lot!

Maybe my first contribution can be summarizing this in the for future people :slight_smile: