Control from Kibana

Hello Guys,

I am new to ELK and in learning phase. I want to send some command from Kibana dashboard to my IoT gateway controller, can anyone tell me is it possible or not if so how to implement it.


You would need your own web application that has url routes that you can access as links from within a Kibana dashboard. Then you can make a visualization that summarizes the Elasticsearch data into actions for the gateway, and format the action as a web link.

There are limited options available for getting a link into a Kibana dashboard. You can do a Markdown visualization if the URLs will just be static, and a TSVB Markdown visualization if the URL needs a time-based metric. You can also format fields and scripted fields to show in Kibana as URLs with the string formatter.

There's a new experimental plugin made for the latest version of Kibana that has more Markdown abilities with handlebars, and it isn't restricted to time-based data: Canvas can do much more as well, allowing you to create custom functions that can talk to APIs. That might be just what you're looking for. :smiley:

Thank You Tim,

I will look as you said and get back

Appreciate for your reply.


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