Control number of search terms in bool query

I have a bool query like this.And i have a data in my elastic DB as "Airport random disconnect".
While i am querying with the term " First random term" i am getting the output as

Community :: AirPort
Title :: Airport random disconnect
Geo :: English
Score:: 5.7417393
The word random is present only once in the phrase.I need the document to be selected only if more than 3 matches are there in the title.

how can i change my query..
Please help

"bool" : {
"must" : [ {
"match" : {
"title" : {
"query" : "random",
"type" : "boolean",
"minimum_should_match" : "3"
}, {
"match" : {
"geo" : {
"query" : "English",
"type" : "boolean"
} ]


can you please a fully fledged example that shows hwo you create an index, create the mapping, index a document and fire the query in order to follow what steps you did. Tested this locally and works as expected, so let's see where the difference it.