Control primary/replica placement?

I have a setup where I have some machines with SSD drives and others with
slower spinning disks. I have some indices that I would like to place on
the SSD machines so those requests are served more quickly. I have used
allocation filtering thus far and it's worked well. However I am running
out of space on the SSD drives and would still like to put more data there.
I noticed there is a "preference" setting in searches that allow requests
to prefer primary shards. So I was thinking that perhaps I could place only
primary shards on the SSD machines and have the replicas on the spinning
disks (other than disk space, the machines are not close to capacity at
all). I looked through the documentation and I don't see any configuration
settings to allow this. The closest thing I found was awareness, but that's
not quite it: I could keep a full copy of the data would be on the SSD
machines, but not necessarily the primary shards. And the search request
"preference" also doesn't seem to allow for restricting the search to a set
of nodes. Is there some way to do this? The only other thing I could think
of was perhaps periodically running some cluster re-route script to try to
keep the primary shards on the SSD machines but that seems pretty hacky and
I'm not sure it would actually work reliably.

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