Convert English to accents and then search

I have some accents in my string like suppose "São Luís", I want to perform search operation on it. Means whenever I am trying to search in English like this "sao luis" I should get the results which contains above accents("São Luís"). I am totally new to the elasticsearch world can anybody please help me how can I achieve this? While exploring about this, I get to know that I can use analyzer, but I got totally confused after reading it. I mean I didn't understood how to configure it, where to configure it, when to configure it (I mean while creating index or we can also configure it for the existing index)and how to test after configuring it. Can anybody please provide me example step by step so that I will understand quickly. I am really stucked on it from last few days. Thanking you in anticipation.

You can start reading here I think:

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