Convert long date to date

Hi Guys,

I want to transformthe creationDate from long to timestamp date ("format" : "MMM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss", ). I checked the documentation with no result.

JSON serach result:
"creationDate": 1490254211904,

Mapping of the property:
"creationDate": {
"type": "long"

Any idea?

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In elasticsearch?

You can't really change the internal format or the _source document (unless you are using date ingest processor) but if you create the right mapping and tell elasticsearch that your field is a date that should work


Merci David.

I'm using an ESB solution, it create the index, when I change the mapping for creationDate the ESB restore the old mapping.

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Ismael :wink:

Avec plaisir !

I did not understand your answer. Did you mean that you solved the issue?

re David,

No, I just indicate that our ESB generate the index and I can't change the
mapping of the index.

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Create an index template in elasticsearch then. It will be applied to the index when it gets created.

Hi David,

Yes it's working.

Merci pour ton aide. :sunny: )

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